Calc Sheet Lite

Calc Sheet Lite 3.0

Excel alternative for your phone


  • Comes with pre-installed templates
  • Doesn't hog memory
  • Support for complex mathematical functions


  • Won't import or export data


Mobile phones are increasingly becoming used to perform tasks normally associated with computers. Calc Sheet Lite brings the computational power of spreadsheet programs such as Excel to your phone.

The application is designed for anyone who needs to organize data or perform calculations on the move. Calc Sheet Lite lets you create sheets through a simple user interface, applying simple formulas to track the relationship between cells. You can even perform more complex calculations involving functions such as sine, cosine, tangent, etc.

Calc Sheet Lite comes with three different spreadsheet templates, which you can use as a reference to how the app works or adapt to make them more useful for you. Editing cells is very easy, and Calc Sheet Lite comes with full cut, copy and paste support.

Of course, Calc Sheet Lite is no Excel, so don't expect a raft of powerful spreadsheet features. Regrettably, you can't import spreadsheets or export them to be read on another device or a PC. Also, the functionality of Calc Sheet Lite is somewhat limited, so don't expect to be creating complex graphs and tables from your spreadsheets.

If you want a simple, lightweight tool for creating spreadsheets on the move, Calc Sheet Lite makes for a handy solution.

Calc Sheet Lite


Calc Sheet Lite 3.0

User reviews about Calc Sheet Lite

  • by Anonymous

    Function SUM doesn't work.
    I couldn't use the function sum in this app. If anyone knows how to make it, I accept...   More